Choppin it up with SPAD Catering

Episode 7 October 03, 2022 00:39:15
Choppin it up with SPAD Catering
MProper Mimi
Choppin it up with SPAD Catering

Oct 03 2022 | 00:39:15


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Mimi Jacks

Show Notes

MProper Mimi has been MIA but don't you worry! Mimi Jacks has been eating very well. Tune in and catch up with your host of the MProper Mimi show, Mimi Jacks as she chops it up with the multi-talented culinary experts and chefs that make up SPAD Catering. Shyam, Ashley, Stewart and Tionna. It was so much fun to chat with the crew about how they each started their journey and love of cooking, the ins and outs of leadership and flexibility the entrprepreneurship mindset offers a catering business. 

Be sure to catch part two of our interview when we move the party to the kitchen! Subscribe to MProper Mimi on YouTube to see Mimi and Chef Stewart preparing arepas, hear Chef Ashley’s advice to those who want to get started in this business plus get the sweet details from Tee on her delicious desserts.


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