MProper Musings - Catching up with Cy

November 09, 2021 00:55:30
MProper Musings - Catching up with Cy
MProper Mimi
MProper Musings - Catching up with Cy

Nov 09 2021 | 00:55:30


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Mimi Jacks

Show Notes

S2 Ep 14: MProper Musings - Catching up with Cyren Young

Shout out to MProper Mimi co-producer Cyren Young for joining MProper Musings where we talk about about the thoughts we've had for the previous week. This week you get a little behind the scenes peek at just a few of the items we talk about and opinions we share before during and after working on new MProper Mimi episodes. 

I really want to encourage YOU the listeners to share topics, opinions good reads etc. with us to chat about as well. Who knows! We may use your topic of find a guest for the show to talk with as well. Hit me up on or any social media handles @MPropermimi

Co-Produced by Cyren Young and Mimi Jacks. 
Brought to you by MProper Mimi of MProper Mimi

0:00 Intro

1:28 Reactions to Dave Chappelle’s Netflix special Closer

18:08 Jon Gruden and infamous emails

31:26 Not Tony Dungy! I would consider him a reputable source.

39:55 What happens when players refuse to play...their jobs go to someone else

41:38 If professional athletes are having these problems, imagine the women in the workplace that are facing similar discrimination issues at work.

42:54 NYC worker vaccination mandate countdown

47:13 Mimi experiencing home, work and play in Portugal

51:50 Mimi always looks up Blacks in the diaspora when she travels to learn about their historical experience.

53:31 MProper Musing Closing - let Mimi know what you want us to chat about next, opinions on current news on or IG @Mpropermimi

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