Catalyst for Change - Know your Finances

June 08, 2020 00:58:53
Catalyst for Change - Know your Finances
MProper Mimi
Catalyst for Change - Know your Finances

Jun 08 2020 | 00:58:53


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Mimi Jacks

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Episode 12: Mimi sits down with Omama Marzuq of Tomorrow's Prosperity Group Inc. ([email protected]) to talk about financial planning and what we as women have learned from our families about finances growing up.  Especially now during Covid we all need to have a plan and regularly schedule dates to look over our finances. Knowing which buckets you are putting your money into, identifying other ways you can save and how dying in the US is not free are a few topics we touch on. No matter if you just got a promotion, are a survivor of sexual abuse starting over financially or recently were laid off from your job...we all can stand to learn more about stretching our dollars and being as financially prepared as possible for the changes coming tomorrow. 

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