Dermatology Discoveries with Dr. Yolanda Lenzy

Episode Ep7 April 13, 2020 00:36:10
Dermatology Discoveries with Dr. Yolanda Lenzy
MProper Mimi
Dermatology Discoveries with Dr. Yolanda Lenzy

Apr 13 2020 | 00:36:10


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Mimi Jacks

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Episode 7: In this week's episode MProper Mimi sits down to talk with Dr. Yolanda Lenzy, M.D. Author of Getting to The Root: A Dermatologist and Cosmetologist's Guide to Understanding HAIR! Dr. Lenzy breaks down for us various types of hair loss as well as the risks of delaying diagnosis. We   discuss how black dermatologists comprise 3% of all dermatologists, while 13% of Americans are black and what can be done to increase the diversity in the field. Tell your friends, mother and your hairstylist to tune in!


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