Know your Triggers - Allergies and Asthma

April 18, 2022 00:37:46
Know your Triggers - Allergies and Asthma
MProper Mimi
Know your Triggers - Allergies and Asthma

Apr 18 2022 | 00:37:46


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Mimi Jacks

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Usually on MProper Mimi when we talk about knowing your triggers it has to do with dealing with trauma. Not this time! For this episode “knowing your triggers” we are referring to those things that make our allergies and/or asthma flare up. I was able to speak with an allergy specialist, Dr. Lakiea Wright to have an important conversation about her journey to becoming a specialist in the field of allergies. Other topics also include

We hope you enjoy this conversation and find it helpful enough to share with others in your circles.  Send Mimi Jacks a message to tell us your story of how allergies or asthma have impacted your family!


Host - Mimi Jacks

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Produced by Cyren Young

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Dr. Lakiea Wright - Allergist specializing in providing the “right” info

LEAP - Clinical Allergy Study  ht

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