Creating Content and Living Life

Episode 3 May 23, 2023 00:50:18
Creating Content and Living Life
MProper Mimi
Creating Content and Living Life

May 23 2023 | 00:50:18


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Mimi Jacks

Show Notes

It's summer time y'all! Mimi Jacks is back with another MProper episode with lifestyle content creator, coach, wife and mom Ashlei Cupid. We talk about being consistent with our content while being present and living life at the same time. Anything worth having is worth working for. No wonder we are so busy and sometimes forgetful in caring for our families, relationships and ourselves. 


Host - Mimi Jacks

IG: @MProperMimi


Guest - Ashlei Cupid

IG: @ashleicupid

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