Sex Work is Work: Respect the Kink

April 05, 2021 00:39:09
Sex Work is Work: Respect the Kink
MProper Mimi
Sex Work is Work: Respect the Kink

Apr 05 2021 | 00:39:09


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Mimi Jacks

Show Notes

S2Ep5: What do you know about Sex Work? Do you know what BDSM is? How about the differences between Kink and Fetish? Well join MProper Mimi today as she chats with Kristina aka The Bruja Pussy about the fun of BDSM, some of the inequalities in Sex Work representation and the compassion and empathy Kristina brings to the art. She is not only a fetish model and performer but we are going to throw speaker and teacher up on the list of the many things she does for the community! For more info on what Kristina is up to find her on IG @BrujaPxssy or

So tune in and listen up with an open mind as MProper Mimi learns you something about the world of BDSM with the help of the amazing Kristina. And remember, Sex Work is Work. We shout equality and justice for all.

Here are some of the notes we mentioned:

Read: Fetish, Fashion, Sex and Power by Valerie Steele

Follow: @HackingHustling - intersecting Tech and Social Justice to create safe spaces for sex workers within tech.

Watch: Bonding - 2nd Season

Participate: 7 Days of Domination

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