You Can Overcome Imposter Syndrome

March 22, 2021 00:36:24
You Can Overcome Imposter Syndrome
MProper Mimi
You Can Overcome Imposter Syndrome

Mar 22 2021 | 00:36:24


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Mimi Jacks

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S2Ep4: Do you ever get a twinge of doubt that you are not capable of doing your job? That you don't deserve to be in that relationship? That no one else doing this looks like you and maybe you shouldn't be doing it either? That my friends if what some people call imposter syndrome. It may come and go or it may stick around for a while and have you in a funk. Well, in today's episode, MProper Mimi sits down with her friend Lissandra Lopez, creator and Founder of Development for Success to talk about what Imposter Syndrome is and how we can get out of this slump. 

You may remember Lissandra from taking over MProper Mimi hosting duties in back in Season 1 - LL Proper Takeover - Work Life Balance during Covid 19.  She always comes with the questions to challenge Mimi or as she calls me "Michelle" and this time is no different. Be sure to share this episode with those you care about as we navigate through Overcoming Imposter Syndrome. Feel free to reach out and let us know some of your top tips for breaking free and believing in yourself!!

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