The Queenship - Surviving and Thriving Part 2

December 04, 2020 00:27:24
The Queenship - Surviving and Thriving Part 2
MProper Mimi
The Queenship - Surviving and Thriving Part 2

Dec 04 2020 | 00:27:24


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Mimi Jacks

Show Notes

Episode 25 - Part 2: Can you believe this is Episode 25 of MProper Mimi Season 1 already? Join Mimi Jacks and her Queenship sister circle as they talk about the things that have helped them to get through 2020 so far. In Part 1 - Find out how the ladies first met Mimi, their thoughts on mental wellness, and travel in 2021. In Part 2 - The ladies are still chatting together, this time about dating during Covid and who amongst us is pro or anti marijuana use. No matter what MProper Mimi talks about with the fabulous ladies who come on the show to share their thoughts, ideas and opinions, remember that Queens empower Queens!!  That does not mean we always agree...but we always respect and lift each other up. The right circle of friends will always inspire you to do more! Love you ladies!! --- Support this podcast:

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