Writing to Strengthen Your Voice and Preserve your Memories

July 20, 2020 00:45:01
Writing to Strengthen Your Voice and Preserve your Memories
MProper Mimi
Writing to Strengthen Your Voice and Preserve your Memories

Jul 20 2020 | 00:45:01


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Mimi Jacks

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Episode 16: Do you remember writing essays and correcting grammar in school? How did that make you feel? MProper Mimi sits down to chat with writer and educator Yolande Jackson about the benefits to taking time out to write down your feelings and new ways to express yourself. In addition to writing Rocko's Big Launch and The Devine Cookbook, Yolande also teaches writing classes. In an effort to make writing more social and appealing to adults, she also hosts Wine Down and Write, a prompted writing class with different themes and a virtual sharing of a different wine each week.   I don't want you to think that Mimi pairs wine with all of her activities! We used our time together talking about the importance of everyday people writing their stories during the racial and social injustices that we are all surrounded by. Documenting our experiences for society and our families is just as important as using writing as a form of self care and mental wellness.   Be sure to listen and share this episode with others that can use a way to explore the power in using their words to express themselves! Follow Yolande on social media and pick up a copy of her award winning book self-published book,  Rocko's Big Launch,  a story about a young boy who wants to be a rocket scientist! https://www.yolandeclarkjackson.com/rocko-rocket IG: @Winedownandwrite Other books we mentioned in this episode are listed below: LIT: A Memoir by Mary Karr Krik? Krak! by Edwidge Danticat --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/mpropermimi/support

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