Vibing for More Inclusive UX with the Nerdy Diva

Episode Ep 2 March 21, 2022 00:36:40
Vibing for More Inclusive UX with the Nerdy Diva
MProper Mimi
Vibing for More Inclusive UX with the Nerdy Diva

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Mimi Jacks

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Have you ever thought about how the software programs or apps we use everyday to make our lives easier take into account diversity and inclusion in who they are made for or even the designers behind the scenes making them for us? Well this has been an MProper thought our host Mimi Jacks thinks about a lot when considering how to increase the number of women of color in Technology on all levels and interactions. Our special guest Shanae Chapman, is the Founder of Nerdy Diva, a small, Black woman-owned business that helps tech start-ups grow and scale into mature businesses with excellent user experience (UX), strategic diversity and inclusion, and investment in their community.

You will definitely want to listen and share this conversation as Mimi and Shanae talk about her love for UX design, encountering diverse women in Corporate Technology, how social innovation is integrated with Technology and Diversity, the importance of APIs in sharing information to our communities and so much more. The fact that Nerdy Diva also is involved with angel investing for underrepresented founders blew my mind! 

And after you hear this MProper Mimi episode I'm sure you will agree that one month alone i snot enough to recognize all the things that women do or are capable of! To Learn more about Shanae and Nerdy Diva find informative links below and be sure to sign up for the Nerdy Diva Newsletter

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